Prayer and Liturgy

St. John’s is a ministry that is deeply rooted in prayer and Liturgy. Prayer for direction, strength and wisdom is the starting point of all we do at St. John’s. Additionally, Jesus Christ is the center of our faith. The celebration of the Mass is a major emphasis at St. John’s. We are proud to offer the following opportunities to members of the St. John’s family.

• Morning Prayer 8:15am  Monday-Friday
• Vespers (evening prayer) 5:15pm   Monday-Thursday
• Confession 11:00am Monday-Thursday (Friday 5:00pm)
• Daily Mass 11:30am   Monday-Thursday  (Friday 5:30pm)
• Sunday Mass 7:00pm
• Special Masses on Holy days
• Adoration 6:00pm Thursday
These are all available during the Academic Year.

All Saints DayTuesday, Nov. 1st. Mass Times 11:30am & 5:30pm

During the SUMMER we have Daily Prayer @ 12:00PM  Mon-Fri

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